Author - Ron Smith

Over 50 Years of Research On UNC Basketball 


After accumulating information for most of his life, Ron realized that he had accumulated a significant amount of information, images, memories, and Tar Heel friends.

His extensive research uncovered material that allowed him to publish a sports history book that is the most comprehensive ever produced for a college or professional team.

Ron searched through university and public libraries across the country. Any city where UNC ever played a game was a target for his research.

Through this extensive effort, Ron uncovered every player who ever played in a game for the Tar Heels starting with the first season in 1911. He has uncovered unique photos and tracked down some of the photographers who took them.

Many of these photographers had dozens of other images never before published. While there is an abundance of interesting material and stories about each season, our unique images are a highlight of the book. 

In fact, Ron has found so many unique items we were unable to pack everything into one book. Hence, the reason for seven volumes with over 300 pages in each. The first of the seven volumes was released in the Summer of 2021. 

Ron’s vision: publish the best and most complete sports book ever published as a tribute to the many individuals who have made Carolina basketball one of the most successful programs in all of sports. It is truly a one of a kind creation.